CASA Driven Design

At Ovation design choices have been made to mix Color, Art, Sound, and Architecture (CASA) purposely, at every turn. CASA ensures a beautiful, warm, intentionally unexpected, and highly engaging community.

Purposely Energetic, Eclectic and Exciting

Once you enter the Ovation community, your senses will come alive, experiencing a dynamic visual and audio tapestry with every walk around the grounds and stroll along the Boardwalk. Nature will come to life through landscaping and the river connection.

It’s modern architecture paired with vibrant murals and artworks that bring the vision of local artists to life across the property’s perimeter.

It’s the rich lineup of world-class musical entertainment from MegaCorp Pavilion, sending rhythm and music floating through the premise bringing motion to the community.

It’s the warm feeling of a sunset on your face as you stroll across the boardwalk, enjoying the natural beauty and backdrop of a serene waterfront. It’s the sounds of people coming alive through must-see, must-experience moments.

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