Ovation Amenities


Man does not live by bread alone - he also needs coffee, pastry, gourmet dinners, salads, sandwiches, ice cream…..


#1 view from a restaurant on the riverfront!


Too may culinary and drink options to count at the amazing dining offerings at Ovation.

The foods, sips, snacks you crave.  

Ovation is planned to have eateries, drinkeries, groceries, and specialty shops.  We have taken special care to make sure each is just a bit different to create a rich and diverse experience.


In a setting that is set apart 

Ovation venues located on the Boardwalk will enjoy the best views of Cincinnati.  Here you will not only take in the fare but a view of everything happening against the skyline.  If your favorite place is in Illumination Square then your outdoor dining experience will include all the happenings of the public concert stage, street performances, and markets.


Ovation is more than food for the body its energy for the soul.

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