Ovation Amenities

Public Art

Adding meaning and uniqueness to our community


Hundreds of ways to look at the art and absorb all it has to offer.

The art of Ovation! humanizes the built environment and energizes the public spaces. 

It provides an intersection between the enterprise of commerce and creativity, between the disciplines of structure and color, while inspiring and challenging interpretations and ideas of all who behold it.  It will ensure color when the blooms of summer have faded.  It will enhance the memories of all who pass.


Curated commissions and organic contributions 

The vision for Ovation is to share more than art with the people of Cincinnati, it’s to share a commitment to beauty and the space to freely enjoy it.  The public art of Ovation will be a collection of murals, painting, sculptures, music and even performance.  Some will be curated.  Some will be organic. Learn more about the new murals that are now complete and more to come this summer!

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