Ovation Amenities

The Boardwalk

A Boardwalk to Rival the World’s Best


bridges on each bookend of the community - Purple People Bridge and the 4th Street Bridge.


football fields long.


1,500 feet long beautiful and authentic wooden plank.

2 River Views and a Cityscape that Inspires.

Imagine standing on Ovation’s Boardwalk.  Everything happening on the Cincinnati Skyline is unfolding in front of you.  As day breaks the vantage point is perfect to watch crew teams emerge from the Cincinnati Rowing Club. After the sun sets your only question is which fireworks will be illuminating the sky this evening.


Curated Design

The boardwalk itself is old school in construction, with a beautiful natural wooden planking, that meanders the length of Ovation.  In front: the park and river. Behind: restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, to give you an excuse to pause, relax and take it all in.


Alive and Exciting

In a day, many will stroll The Boardwalk going from home to work, taking a run, walking the dog, or simply taking it all in.   Music, art, activity…changing seasonally to bring the best to Ovation every day.

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