Ovation Amenities

MegaCorp Music Pavilion

An Entertainment Juggernaut


7000 - The outdoor capacity of this amazing music and event venue.


2700 - the indoor capacity.


events per year

Rock Concerts to Private Parties, it all happens here.

You expect concerts from AEG Presents/PromoWest Productions. On average they host more than 110 a year here. They range from Jazz to Rock to Alternative and include everything in between. But what is known to insiders is that there is an incredible event space as well.  It accommodates weddings, proms, graduations, bar and bat-mitzvahs, company parties, and holiday markets among other events. The lights of MegaCorp Pavilion are almost always on because something is almost always happening, adding to the vibrancy and energy of Ovation. promowestlive.com/cincinnati/megacorp-pavilion


Transformers have nothing on this space.

The reason so much happens here is that the space has the super-changing power of a chameleon.  This versatile venue, with industrial architecture and a uniquely reversible stage, can morph from a room that makes 100 people feel intimately connected, to a rock stage that makes 7000 people ready to roll all night.  Whether you want your event to be inside, outside, or both; formal, informal, or super-charged, this space can be your launching pad.


Easy to park, Easy to access.

With the Pavilion Car Park conveniently below MegaCorp, it’s always easy to find your place here.  Car Park elevators are conveniently located to take you to the Plaza level.  No steps required.  Oh, and if you want to grab dinner or a drink before the show, there are lots of options for that as well.

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